CT15 #1: Melody's Echo Chamber - Shirim

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"Shirim" surfaced back in October last year but water was quickly thrown over the funky-ass flames caused by its emergence. We're now in January and it looks time for its unveil, as the psychedelic funk of a re-invigorated Melody Prochet, or should I say Melody's Echo Chamber, climbs like a vine through our ears.

I'll try and keep the Tame Impala and Kevin Parker references to a minimum - there you go, got it out the way. "Shirim" is quite easily our first 'Certified Track' (better than most other stuff) of the year. The track manages to keep hold of psychedelia's stereotypical earthy vibes, while managaing to meld it with some of the best, punchy guitar lines we've heard in a while. Together, the contrast and merging of styles create something with a lot more balls than anything you're likely to hear from the DIY shit we're drowned in these days.