Video: George Maple - Vacant Space

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Australian-born, London based George Maple unveils the new video for latest track, "Vacant Space".

Byron Spencer - George Maple

If we were to compile a list for anything, based on the stuff we write about on this site, it would contain every artist, track and album we mention, otherwise why would we write about it in the first place - we like the music, end of story. However if we were to categorise things, George Maple would be fairly high on our list of people we expect to further their career in the coming years.

We first mentioned "Vacant Space" back in November and reluctantly admitted to missing out on her previous release of "Talk Talk" - to read more on what we said you can head here. Otherwise you can watch her new video for "Vacant Space" below and head here to order the brilliant Vacant Space EP. 

Oh and the video was shot live in one take - pretty impressive.