CT14 #27: HONNE - The Night

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London's off-kilt electronic-r&b duo Honne unveil "All In The Value" follow-up track, "The Night".


In comparison to "All In The Value", Honne's latest track - "The Night" - sees the duo head back to a more "Warm On A Cold Night", funk-laden styling rather than the purely stripped back smooch fest that we witnessed on their previous track. It works as well as ever, and in a similar way to George Maple's recent and stupendous "Vacant Space" - goes a way to prove that new school stylings and genre twists aren't all as crap as we've grown to expect.

The vocal croon on "The Night" is an absolute joy and paired with the funky guitar lines and snappy drum hits, it's like Prince never lost his relevance after all. The band's debut live show at the Sebright Arms is now sold out, but they've announced a follow-up show (not till next year) to be held at Electrowerkz on Tuesday, February 3rd.