Introducing: DEATHS - Sold

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Mysterious Berlin outfit DEATHS unveil "Lonewolves" follow-up track, "Sold".


The whole ambiguity card got done to death post Wu Lyf, so naturally, it's died down in recent times. With that said though, it's nice to see acts like DEATHS relying on high levels of production quality and originality, rather than leaving us focused on unnecessary details.

Music speaks for itself here as "Sold" follows on in much the same fashion as debut track "Lonewolves". "Sold" is a rich and down-right brooding number, propped up by wailing guitars and sombre sirens. The vocals are a thing of painstaking beauty and would typically serve as the icing if this was in-fact a cake.

"Sold" also gives away some hinters as to where the outfit could go next, with small hints of 80's electronics heard in the outro. However, this could all be a huge throw from a group that could like to play with our emotions on more than just a musical level. You can stream both "Sold" and "Lonewolves" below: