Tracks: Nite Fields - You I Never Knew

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Brisbane's Nite Fields return with new track "You I Never Knew" and details of new LP Depersonalisation.


This is great news, we haven't heard a release from Nite Fields since we first featured the band on the site back in 2012 with "Vacation", so naturally we're ecstatic to have them back in our ears.

"You I Never Knew" treats us to a slightly more polished and dare I say, paced and thought out approach rather than "Guitars filthy and echoing, the distinct vocal drones reverberate loudly, like some sort of very disturbed Cobain-esque spin off...." It sounds like we've got a fully revitalised Nite Fields in our midst and this track radiates that. It's by no means clean and crisp, jangling guitars still have enough edge in them to get your head bouncing and vocals are still as subtle and melancholic as we'd heard before.

Depersonalisation is out through Felte on February 3rd and you can grab a pre-order from their Bandcamp page.