CT14 #15: Azekel - New Romance

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London soloist Azekel produces one on the singles of the summer with "New Romance".


London songwriter Azekel (pronounced a-ze-ke-l) set the tone on his sound on last years Circa EP, and next month he'll release new single "New Romance", which is arguably his best work to date.

Brooding in tone like something from Ben Khan's recent 1992 EP, "New Romance" ultimately unravels as a far more twisted entity by throwing sublime falsettos, thudding bass notes and wickedly fluttering electronics into the intriguing melting pot. If this is the standard that Azekel is playing from, then we'll all be waiting very impatiently for more new material.

The single is out on July 14 (pre-order) via Thunderlightning Recordings / Generator. Hear it below.