Certified Track: Caribou - Can't Do Without You

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Caribou shares "Can't Do Without You", the first track from upcoming Our Love LP and first since 2010 classic, Swim.


Experimenting is the name of the game for Caribou, always has and always will be and on this latest track, it's obvious brainchild Dan Snaith has done it again.

The track slow burns for the first minute or so before bursting into life, showing signs of a little bit of Burial (mates) influence, and in this case, it proves to be an exceptional thing. It's weird how Caribou has the ability to do this to us as we're in no way inclined to post this kind of stuff on a regular basis, but the music just oozes a higher level of class than pretty much all the competitors.

Our Love will be released on "City Slang Oct 3rd in Germany and Oct 6th in the UK/EU and on Merge Oct 7th in Canada and the United States. The album will be available to pre-order from tomorrow on (4th of June) with this song as a free download on iTunes."