Introducing: Mother - Easy

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Brooklyn's Mother unveil a new video for their Soundcloud debut track "Easy", which we managed to miss - oupps.


Everybody loves a lyric video don't they, especially when you can get a screen grab a sweet as that one ^  but forget the video, it's all about the track.

"Easy" sounds like a SOHN/Blood Orange hybrid and if you want cool, you don't really need to look any further than that. Funnily, Mother follow both those acts plus Frank Ocean on Soundcloud, they sound so alike that, I guess, they could have had a hand in production. Anyway, it's fairly obvious they're influences as soon as you listen to "Easy" - it's clear as day.

So far the band have two tracks on Soundcloud and apparently the singer is from some shit tv show too, so while this band may very well be manufactured, you can't get away from the vibe on "Easy" - you just can't. Watch the video or stream the track below.


  1. Singer also played Jeff Buckley and sang all the songs himself, did a really good job too. forget the shit tv show.

    1. Agreed. As always on this site, we wanted the music (Mother) to speak for itself and so I left the celebrity vocalist's previous work and details, including his name, out of the post as it's shouldn't matter. The music is good regardless.