Tracks: GIVV - Slowly Alone

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Mysterious rapper GIVV drops "Slowly Alone" produced by NAH.


Forget everything you thought you knew about experimental hip hop, avant hip hop, screwed hip hop or whatever you chose to call it - because "Slowly Alone" is a different beast.

"Slowly Alone" is produced by the Brussels-via-Philadelphia resident NAH and the only thing it's remotely comparative to is possibly the early sounds of Stefan Burnett and Death Grips. We know basically nothing of GIVV, other than lyrically he's not got the time for candy shops or gravel pits with dark bellows of "cut the fuck up / dirty fuck up / roll down with the buck up.

There's no denying that it's pretty difficult to get through, but if you're like us and into that sort of thing then brace yourself and hit play.