Album Stream: Shunkan - Honey, Milk and Blood EP

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Only a few days since we heard Shunkan's "Dust In Your Eyes", you can now stream her Honey, Milk and Blood EP.


After Shunkan unveiled previous two tracks "Dust In My Eyes" and "Wash You Away", there should be no reason to doubt her brilliance but if there was any doubters out there, your fears are set to be relayed.

Five-track EPs as far as we're concerned are perfect, three is little more than a single and four track leaves us wanting a bit. Any more than five and you're looking at over-exertion and you may as well release an LP. Now that little bit of useless opinion is done, we can focus on the five-track brilliance of Shunkan's debut EP, Honey, Milk and Blood.

The EP is set for release on May 5th, but pre-orders have already ran out - keep an eye on Art Is Hard's order page just incase.