Video: Beverly - Honey Do

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The Drew Citron, Frankie Rose duo of Beverly unveil new video for "Honey Do" ahead of upcoming Careers LP.

We first posted about Beverly's "Honey Do" back in February, here's a reminder of what we had to say:

"Never one for resting on her laurels, Frankie Rose has gone and started another project, Beverly, along with Drew Citron and the duo have just unveiled debut track "Honey Do". 
"Honey Do" has all the earmarks of Rose's previous work - craft, charm and infectious pop melodies, only with some added grit and conviction. From our point of view, the track improves on Rose's previous work and it's most likely thanks to Citron..." (Read More)
Grab a pre-order of Beverly's upcoming LP, Careers, out on Kanine Records, July 1st - here.