Introducing: Baked - Mick Jagger

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Brooklyn five-piece Baked unveil questionably titled "Mick Jagger" following signing to Exploding In Sound.


With a record of late, that reads Speedy Ortiz, Palehound and Porches it seems Brooklyn label Exploding In Sound are on a bloody roll and the ball doesn't stop their as new signings Baked have just unveiled "Mick Jagger".

The track isn't at all like a Stones track and to that we say, "thank fuck." It contains some references to the Stones divvy though, and that's about it. "Mick Jagger" is a messy six-minute psych jam and that's pretty much the top and bottom of it, laid back however, it is not. Baked make this sound their own with their driving rhythm section and propulsive drum beat.

Baked release Debt through Exploding In Sound on August 19th, Listen to "Mick Jagger" below.