Tracks: The Death Of Pop - Whenever

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Bournemouth beaut's The Death Of Pop unveil latest track "Whenever" from upcoming Fifths EP out on Art is Hard.


Back in April, The Death of Pop unveiled "Circles" which was more of an experimental number, which we actually tagged as, not too pleasant to read but very nice to listen, "dizzying almost nauseous, psychedelic" in nature - well "Whenever" is a different beast altogether.

"Whenever" comes out all guns blazing; those guns being towering guitars and bolting bass that manage to merge the very fashionable shoegaze with the ear-wormy brilliant side of indie-pop. It was always coming, but we just didn't expect it this soon.

Fifths will be release through the even dependable Art is Hard on July 28th as part of their now quarterly 'flexizine' which consists of a 7" flexi-disc and 20-page zine. Pre-order it here.