Album Stream: Fait - Atmosphere EP

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Perth shoegazer Elise Higgins aka Fait, unveils the full stream of her debut EP, Atmosphere.


After previously being blown away by the all-out-awesomeness of Fait's previous two tracks, "Slow Glow" and "Surrender To" - the Perth native has now released her debut Atmosphere EP.

The five track release also features "Koto", "Halcyon" and "Lucid Dreaming", and they stay true to Higgins' mix of reverb drenched guitars, atmospheric strings and piano, plus, well - noise. Atmosphere is wall-of-sound shoegaze of the highest order and you can forget the fact we've got no vocals here. Most shoegaze has appalling vocals anyway and Higgins may have hit-the-nail-on-the-head with a genre that's so instrumentally moving that vocals can sometimes prove a dis-service.

This isn't an EP consisting on five similar shoegazing numbers, this is a work of art from start-to-finish. It's quite a shame that in the days of MP3's and streaming platforms, most people are likely to forget how stirringly brilliant a cohesive collection of songs can actually - and are meant to - be. Our eyes are now firmly on a full-length.

Music fans rejoice - throw-away consumers can please themselves, it's their loss not yours. Hopefully we'll get a psychical release at some point, but failing that you can grab a digital copy in FLAC or lower, here.