Introducing: Fait - Slow Glow

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Perth's Elise Higgins aka Fait unveils latest track "Slow Glow".


As as quick intro; Fait is Perth native Elise Higgins, she makes cinematic shoegaze and is current working on her debut EP with, to no surprise, producer/engineer Darren Lawson - My Bloody Valentine anyone?

A lot of British "lads" thinking about starting their first band could take a bit of inspiration from Elise, who'd no doubt play the lot under the table. Fait has the basics down to a fine-art and you'd even forget that she doesn't use lyrics - and she doesn't need to. "Slow Glow", without getting too fan-boy, comes across incredibly intrinsic to Elise, its ambiance builds slowly with the arrangement being blob on. Once you think your at the break down, the track dies, only to be resurrected by a reverb shower of slow-glowing atmospheric drones. Master the basics kids and who know what you'll be able to create?

Keep an eye out for more music from Fait, ahead of her debut EP release.