Introducing: MOATS - Toothache ft Asya Fairchild

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MOATS' unveil a new video for the massively '10's relevant track, "Toothache".


We missed the boat with MOATS but luckily, their new video for "Toothache" has given us a chance to catch up.

It's very hard in this day-and-age to produce a commercially relevant track that can be appreciated by almost everyone and we can speak for the nit picking side of things. MOATS have found a lovely niche to sit themselves in - it's somewhere between Foals and Wu Lyf and well, it's seriously catchy.

"Toothache" is strengthened by the vocals of Asya Fairchild and is quite possibly a factor in turning what we deem a high standard indie track - in the style of, amongst others, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Maccabees - into something else. Something the hoards of relevant youths will eat up like last night's McDonalds. Are you listening Radio 1?