Introducing: FANS - All This Time

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Indie newcomers FANS have unveiled a new working of debut track, "All This Time".


If you are going to bring out an Indie track, it's wouldn't be a bad idea to incorporate a meld of the Strokes, Interpol and even say - The Bravery. That's what FANS do on "All This Time" and it looks like it's worked a treat.

Beyond the obvious, "All This Time" is a high-octane, dynamically charged number, demonstrating the bands ability to convey romanticism in a more energetic and aggressive way than that of your typical la-de-dah indie band like, say - The Kooks. On a side note, the Elvis-like croon of the track's vocal sounds remarkably like Sam Endicott of The Bravery.

"All This Time" is slated for a April 28th release - don't believe the typo on their Soundcloud page.