Video: Diarrhea Planet - Babyhead

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Nashville punk-rock goofballs Diarrhea Planet have unveiled a new video for I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dream track, "Babyhead".

We've never featured Diarrhea Planet before and so this really should be an introducing post, but it's Friday and for shits and giggles we're posting the new video for "Babyhead" - plenty of time for an intro some other day.

The video features a load of babies doing their typical baby thing with, well - adult heads. Quite the opposite of a baby's head then, but never-the-less it proves to be funny enough to brighten our day - we don't know about you.

Diarrhead Planet's Babyhead, features on I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dream, which is out on Infinity Cat and available for purchase now, here.