Introducing: Elastic Sleep - Leave You

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Ahead of the release of their Leave You EP, Cork's Elastic Sleep unveil title track, "Leave You".


Elastic Sleep are a Cork-based five-piece, creating some of the richest, more on the heavier side of things, dream-pop.

In the coming week's the band will release their debut EP and to get tongues wagging, they've dropped "Leave You" for streaming. The track's a delicate and light as it could be for something so rich, the guitars soar high above Muireann Levis' breezy dream-pop vocals - in fact, if it weren't for the vocals, we'd have a shoegaze track on our hands which is something growing more common by the day.

Elastic Sleep's debut EP, Leave You, will be released on Big Tea Records/Fifa Records, keep an eye out for a release date.