Tracks: Wild Beasts - Sweet Spot

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Kendal's Wild Beasts return with second track from upcoming Present Tense, "Sweet Spot".


We really struggle to hide bias for Wild Beasts, but it never really matters because all praise is deserved when it comes to the Kendal band and latest track "Sweet Spot" only cements their case for being one of the best, most original bands in this country.

The thing that's easy to forget about Wild Beasts' latest tracks is that they've added new elements to the mix and to the most people, it's probably not even noticeable. They've evolved their sound for the good and we're thrilled to bits about it. "Sweet Spot" is far less doom driven than "Wanderlust", sporting a far more positive outlook, as vocalists Hayden and Tom swap and change throughout.

Upcoming LP Present Tense is set for release on February 24th - grab a pre-order over at Domino and if vinyl's not your thing then you can always head to iTunes.