Introducing: Shorts - Berlin 1971

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Scott & Charlene's Wedding man Mikael Caterer goes solo for his latest project Shorts, unveils "Berlin 1791".


It's hard not to use weather as a connection to certain styles of music and yes it's become a huge cliche but music and weather are two of the biggest mood changers out there and the comparisons won't stop so we may as well just get on with things - likewise this post.

Shorts is Mikael Caterer of Brooklyn's Scott & Charlene's Wedding - remember them? Well "Berlin 1971" is Shorts' debut track and it's full of the joys of spring - damn there we go with the weather. On a side note, check out the irony of the press shot. "Berlin 1971" is a light and breezy number with nothing but feel-good vibes showering the buzzy bassline and Mikael's lovely twee guitar...

What a great way to start the day - we'll look for some death metal to follow this up, don't you worry! Grab a pre-order of Shorts' debut four-track 7" Berlin 1971 EP from Aloe Music.