Introducing: The Great Artiste - Blonde Greta

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Nancy four-piece The Great Artiste's take on psychedelic shoegaze is a delight and no track more-so than "Blonde Greta".


It would be very easy for me to introduce The Great Artiste as a new band finally finding their feet but in reality, the band's experimental nature - although always aching to My Bloody Valentine - will never sit within the constrains of a single style.

Let me just squeeze this in - I'm chuffed to be able to talk about someone French (rather than Australian) making such awesome shoegaze sounds. Location means nothing to us as we're trying to give everyone a level playing field but it's a nice change.

"Blonde Greta" is an angry mix of buzzsaw guitars, killer riffs and a textured melody. In terms of clarity, it's probably one of the best 'wall of sound' shoegaze tracks I've heard since Flyying Colours' "Wavygravy" last year. Obviously, there's plenty more to come from The Great Artiste, but I won't be betting my house on it sounding like "Blonde Greta".