Introducing: Flyying Colours - Wavygravy

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I'll be honest, based on the song title of "Wavygravy" alone, I almost deleted this email without hesitation. I didn't, though, (luckily) and Flyying Colours' debut is one that is firmly on repeat now.

They're not from L.A, as one might perhaps think. They are, however, from bloody Australia, land of impressive for the past two years or so now. And so with dodgy song titles to one side, their track is full of psychedelic rips and prolonged MBV like fuzz, it's almost like a wonderful insight into a future where The Horrors have decided to incorporate some shoegaze into their sound. We'll call it 'rad', if you like.

Get it for the price of your email address when you head here. Watch the overly fitting video below.