Introducing: Kid XL - Caroline, Make Up Your Mind (Free Download)

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Former Sunny & Braves man Sean Anthony begins new project Kid XL, listen to "Caroline, Make Up Your Mind".


Kid XL are Perth 3-piece Sean, JJ and Liam, and their debut "Caroline, Make Up Your Mind" - in much the same way as Braves and Sunny did - has put us in vacation mode and it's only January!

"Caroline, Make Up Your Mind" is a high octane, skittish indie-pop gem - think Beach Fossils by way of The Drums. Kid XL's guitar riffs are equally seductive as they are insanely catchy and by the final seconds, you'll be left feeling entirely drained of all energy you previously had.

Don't worry Kid XL, we all love Caroline, we can make it through this together. Listen to Caroline.... below.