Introducing: Goodbye Chanel - Foreva

16:49:00 Unknown 2 Comments

Get used to Leeds indie-poppers Goodbye Chanel now they've unveiled neo-tropicalia breakout track "Foreva".

We once saw the now deceased Loose Talk Cost Lives support one of our favourites, Jonquil, at Nation of Shopkeepers and hearing the feel-good tropical vibes of Leeds' Goodbye Chanel is bringing back some pretty poignant memories of our early days - not to mention the fact they sound awfully similar. 

Goodbye Chanel create a rambunctious style of indie-pop that sounds like it's just took a dip in a PiƱa colada and let's just say we're definitely expecting to hear more of their Foals-esque polyrhythms and hopefully won't be waiting too long either.

"Foreva" is to feature on the band's Hot City Nights EP, set for release through Dead Young Records on 21 April, and you can grab a pre-order here.