Tracks: Walrus - Glam Returns

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Nova Scotia duo Walrus return with latest EP, Glam Returns - showing all sorts of different influences.


It's been nearly ten months since we last featured anything from Nova Scotia pysch-rockers Walrus, but they're back and they're looking every bit as good as before.

Glam Returns is a four-track EP displaying influences ranging from the psychedelics of bands like The Flaming Lips through to early garage-rock sounds of bands like The Troggs. EP opener "Banger" is the standout track and we're going to take a stab in the dark, the duo couldn't come up with a title, so went with whatever sounded most natural as the track, quite literally, is a banger. "Banger" wails along in trippy psych fashion, ever so lightly tinged with a bit of the blues, displaying literal highs and lows.

Grab a copy of Walrus' EP, Glam Returns, which is out via Poncho and Out of Sound Records, over at their bandcamp.