Tracks: Esben and the Witch - No Dog

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Esben and the Witch return without Matador and with a bigger and better sound than before, unveil "No Dog". 


Not sure what's happened here but this Esben and the Witch track, "No Dog", is probably the best we've heard from the band so far and the first thing we've posted.

The band recently separated from long-time label Matador, setting up their own imprint label and hope to release their debut LP later in the year, following a successful PledgeMusic campaign. If this is successful, Steve Albini will be adding his magical touch to the bands newfound angst and aggression - a recipe for greatness.

"No Dog" is a brutalist take on their typical post-rock styling - it sounds like complete chaos and it's excessively pushing our buttons. Building to a climax; brooding guitars clash with crashing cymbals amidst the atmospherics of Rachel Davies' poignant and jarring vocals - it's altogether brilliant.

Help Esben and the Witch by donating whatever you can towards the funding of their next album - visit their PledgeMusic page.