Introducing: Walrus - 1990

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Remarkably there's a fair amount of coverage for some of Walrus' earlier releases, nothing detailing too much of the band, only opinions, a trend we're going to sadly continue.

The band are specifically from Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Canadians have had seven releases on Bandcamp, a mix of singles and albums. It doesn't really matter what they released previously, to tell you the truth, as latest track "1990" trumps the lot. Maybe we're the first site to post about the band out of the North America. We don't know, but what we do know is that "1990" shows a huge step in the right direction compared to earlier tracks.

"1990" comes hand in hand with all the typical clich├ęs we've learnt to expect from psychedelic garage rock. It's a reverb drenched, hazy, sun-kissed, trip fest. Why beat around the bush, it's f***ing awesome and that's all that matters. Check it out below and follow the band via Facebook or Bandcamp.