Tracks: Phantogram - Nothing But Trouble

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Phantogram drop, "Nothing But Trouble", another track from their upcoming second LP, Voices.


It would be fair to say the promo undertaken for Phantogram's Eyelid Movies follow up, Voices, has been second to none; I mean how many tracks have we heard from the duo in the past three or four months and yet, only three from Voices. Oh yes, their name's still firmly on our lips for this years hotly anticipated albums.

Luckily for us, Voices is slated for release February 18 via Republic Records and to go back to the promo campaign, we should probably expect an album stream before that date. Until then though, we've got "Nothing But Trouble" - which you can get as a free download upon pre-ordering Voices - to add to the list of "Black Out Days" and "Fall In Love". Listen below.