Tracks: Gorgeous Bully - Couldn't Keep It To Myself

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Gorgeous Bully returns with, "Couldn't Keep It To Myself", his first track for 2014 and hopefully not the last.


Gorgeous Bully aka Thomas Crang has been on our radar a fair while now and he's been a strong part of both our 3rd and 4th birthday compilation albums, so let's just say the quality of "Couldn't Keep It To Myself" is no surprise to us.

He's set to bring out new five-track EP Nobody Hates You As Much As You Hate Yourself, probably better known as NHYAMAYHY, on February 17 and you can pre-order through stalwarts Art Is Hard. The EP will no doubt contain more of the same sticky-icky oozy grunge-pop like "Couldn't Keep It To Myself", blending misery with an undeniably sweet exterior. Listen below you'll get the picture.