Tracks: FFNORDZZ - It's A Hit

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Plymouth's most barmy brother, FFNORDZZ is back with "It's A Hit" from his Quadruple a-side Telephone Helpline.


"It's A Hit" is so f**king ludicrous it's brilliant, if we wanted to listen to music from people with their heads so far up their own arses that they've forgot they were making music, then we'd just leave blogging to NME.

Ffnordzz has this unbelievable knack of helping us forget about all the soulless dogs**t we read through in our news-feeds on a daily basis and for that reason alone, we love it. Here's what he has to say on the "quadruple a-side", Telephone Helpline.
"When the crushing weight of existence within a crumbling, outdated societal frame infested with ignorance, misogyny, spiritual ruin and dead-eyed celebrity obsession gets too much for me - I ring one of my preferred Helpline numbers and just cry it all out. From my frantic, hysterical sobbing comes relief." 
"Via this Pop record I will attempt to give something back to the 'Helpline scene'. Ring this number, night or day, and I will perform one of these Pop songs for you on my guitar. As I play, you can perhaps find ultimate catharsis in the Pop music - maybe you'll begin singing along and clapping your hands in pure bliss, perhaps you'll find yourself laughing uncontrollably. Or maybe you'll decide to abandon all worldly possessions and walk naked into the ocean never to be seen again." 
"Whatever happens, we're in it together."