Tracks: Nai Harvest - Rush

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Sheffield duo Nai Harvest return with punk-masterpiece "Rush," from upcoming Hold Open My Head.

Back in December, Nai Harvest left us spinning with the title track from highly anticipated EP - Hold Open My Head, now they've dropped "Rush" and it just gets better.

"Hold Open My Head" signalled an exciting shift in format for the band, with the brash, rattling guitar and drums taking a backseat to welcome a more meaty yet melodic approach. "Rush" is the next installment from Hold Open My Head and it's better still. From what we've heard so far, it sounds like Nai Harvest have struck gold and found the shrouded balance between gritty lo-fi and pleasing rock-hooks; something Wavves swung for - and missed - with last year's Afraid of Heights.

Hold Open My Head is available through Dog Knights Productions in the UK and Top Shelf Records in the US on March 3rd.