Tracks: Braves - Teenage Crazy / Pale

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Perth's Braves unveil double a-side "Teenage Crazy" / "Pale", to be the first single from their upcoming EP.

Braves are another band that came oh-so-close to featuring on our 4th Birthday Compilation but for their current EP schedule making it nearing impossible. If "Teenage Crazy" and "Pale" are anything to go by, we're fairly glad they kept focus on the new EP - it sounds like it could be one to anticipate.

"Teenage Crazy" drops the bands previous hazy outlook and instead focuses on a frenetic and typically indie guitar line, only with some typically lo-fi vocals. It's funny because the jaunty guitar jangles are in the mix too and you'd think the pace would be too much for them, but it actually works. V-v-good track indeed, simple but effective - man that sounded serious didn't it!

"Pale" is a far more hazy, downbeat effort adding a bit of lethargy to the already lo-fi vocals. It's a perfect counter-balance to "Teenage Crazy" and with these tracks to build on, we're already looking ahead to the EP. Grab a copy of the double a-side for a (free if your tight) name your price fee on Bandcamp.