Introducing: CYMBALS - Erosion

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CYMBALS are back with new track "Erosion" and details of new album, The Age of Fracture.

I've got to say, we're fairly embarrassed at the fact we haven't featured London's CYMBALS before, especially being signed to Tough Love, but as we've said a lot of times now - better late than never.

"Erosion" is set to feature on CYMBALS' upcoming LP, The Age of Fracture and it's nothing short of synth-laden bliss. It's not the key element of the track however, as the bass-line is to die for; slowly progressing from light repetition into an intensely stimulating groove. This isn't your plain, simple and increasingly boring synth-pop and to call it that would be an insult; "Erosion" is far more cohesive, thought out and rich with new wave influences to be labelled simply synth-pop - ergh!

The Age of Fracture is set for release on January 26 and February 4 in the EU and US respectively - pre order here.