Introducing: Sunbeam Sound Machine - Cosmic Love Affair

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Sunbeam Sound Machine is the brainchild of Melbourne's Nick Sowerby, listen to latest track "Cosmic Love Affair".


Australia and more specifically Melbourne is becoming an absolute hive for producing this kind of musician and Nick Sowerby aka Sunbeam Sound Machine is no different; signing to Dot Dash/Remote Control he's stepping up a gear.

Previous experimental-demo work under the moniker of Albuquerque Freakout wasn't half bad neither - very Mgmt-like - but that's the past and we're staring Sunbeam Sound Machine's new life as a 5-piece and the birth of their live-performances in the face.

Latest track, "Cosmic Love Affair" is basically what you get from the title - very spacey and very dreamy. It doesn't really drift out of second gear, which is deliberate and it works very well with it's mixture of psychedelic and ambient tones. "Cosmic Love Affair" won't be to everyone's taste and will divide a lot of people, but that's why it's so brilliant. Listen below to get our mellow, spaced-out drift.