Introducing: Five Leaf Nettles - Autumn

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Jack Collister of Best Friends' Five Leaf Nettles has unveiled "Autumn" as this month's Art is Hard Postcard Club release.


Five Leaf Nettles are a far cry from the post-punk slacker vibes of Sheffield's Best Friends - a band in which Jack Collister and Ed Crisp currently play in. They've joined forces with Apple from Avida Dollars and Lew from Nai Harvest, to evolve Jack's previous solo project - Five Leaf Nettles - into a fully fledged band.

"Autumn" is the first track to receive a proper release on Art Is Hard's monthly postcard club and it's a number that oozes inner warmth and really strikes a chord with the current seasonal elements and may go a way to explaining it's title. To add to the release of "Autumn", the band have given their debut Autumn EP up for free download - so long as you purchases their postcard club release.

Listen to "Autumn" below and you can hear the rest of their debut Autumn EP over at Bandcamp. Buy their Postcard Club release over at Art Is Hard.