Tracks: Bored Nothing - Let Down

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It was kind of hard to categorise this track seeing as though it's not really new and the video was released back in September so that's not really new either. However, the track/video pairing is brilliant and for that reason alone we've decided to feature Bored Nothing's "Let Down" in rather less of a blog post and more of a this-track-is-awesome-and-so-is-the-video kind of post.

For anyone new to Bored Nothing he's Australian multi-instrumentalist Fergus Miller and he creates some of the most outrageously lo-fi, melodic and brilliant music around. Earlier in the year we featured "Echo Room" from his debut self-titled LP and since then we've ran a bit dry, which is a bit shit considering he releases new stuff virtually all the time. It's hard to keep up though because there's not really a set pattern to Bored Nothing releases and videos etc.

Excuses aside, "Let Down" is sublime and the fact it's accompanying video, shot by Abteen Bagheri - think videos from A$AP Rocky and Blood Orange amongst others, perfectly captures the feel of the song and turns it from an already brilliant ethereal lo-fi pop gem, into something far more physical and, although for most Brits it will feel rather Americanised, it will strike some sort of childhood-crush-chord with almost everyone. Check out Bored Nothing's bandcamp.