Introducing: Boardwalk - Crying

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LA duo Boardwalk and their latest track "Crying" just hit me like a ton of bricks, god knows how we missed "I'm To Blame" seven months ago.

Previous and perhaps correctly pitched as an alternate Beach House, "Crying" goes a way to dampen those comparisons and show the duo to be far more than just a mimic. "Crying" has that over-used and almost cliched soundtrack quality for a Route 66 road trip; dark and edgy but terrifically light and airy at the same time. The organ reminds me very much of something Still Corners would put out and now I mention it; "Crying" sounds a lot like something they'd produce.

For more in-depth detail, Boardwalk are Mike Edge and Amber Quintero and they're set to release their debut album through Stones Throw Records on October 15th. Listen to "Crying" and watch the video for the hypnotic "High Water" below.