Introducing: Bored Nothing - Echo Room

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bored nothing echo room fergus miller

Australia, the hottest country in One For The People's musical world, now has Bored Nothing as another fine example of why it's slowly becoming and independent force to be reckoned with.

Melbourne's Fergus Miller has managed to create something which sounds like how the new Strokes material would have turned out, if we lived in a perfect world. Fear not though because who needs The Strokes when newcomers like Bored Nothing are churning out tracks like "Echo Room".

"Echo Room" boasts the perfect balance between scuzzy, dirty guitar fuzz and melodic catchiness. The combination is something that turns the song into an acceptable "radio friendly" track, still suitable for the kind of music fan that hates anything more widely known than within their small circle of friends.

"Echo Room" will feature on Bored Nothing's upcoming self titled LP on April 9 via Spunk/Cooperative.