Tracks: Blood Orange - You're Not Good Enough

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Dev - Blood Orange - Hynes has dropped a lyric video for "You're Not Good Enough" from Cupid Deluxe.

It seems the production work that Dev Hynes has worked on for the likes of Sky Ferreira, Solange and others, has transcended into his Blood Orange material; some would say for the good and others would disagree. We're still very on the fence at the minute, especially when the high-energy funk seen on tracks like "Sutphin Boulevard" seem to be all but gone now.

"You're Not Good Enough" carries on in the same vein as previous Cupid Deluxe track, "Chamakay"; all very nicey-nicey soft-and-soulful, but lacking any real punch to make your ears prick. This isn't a negative post at all because we don't feature tracks we dislike, it's more of a plea/hope that we'll be basking in some energy and edgy pizazz come the release of Cupid Deluxe. You'll understand when you hear the very Solange-sounding "You're Not Good Enough" below. It's still good though!

On a side note, Dev's MJ obsession really does need to stop! Grab a copy of Cupid Deluxe as of November 18, but you can pre-order it over at Domino.