Tracks: Motherhood - The Blow

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Birmingham's Motherhood drops "The Blow", staking a claim for British neo-r&b/soul.

Fresh off the back of his appearance on our 4th Birthday Compilation with his sultry peach "Hikkimori", Motherhood - Joe Robinson - has unveiled the absolute barnstormer of a track, "The Blow".

With the intense and growing popularity of The Weeknd and other American neo-soul acts, it would be easy for anyone discovering Motherhood, to presume that Joe has jumped on the bandwagon, but if you take a look through his relatively small but spaced out back-catalogue, you'll see that it's not the case.

"The Blow" builds on what Motherhood achieved with "Blood Blush" back in March; going from a dark and lingering air into full-blown moody angst. The melody isn't sacrificed at any point throughout the song and the balance between mood and catchiness is almost perfect. Cool but full of depth and feeling; "The Blow" borders on anthemic at times and is exactly where Motherhood need to be. Listen below.