Tracks: Menace Beach - Where I Come From

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Leeds' Menace Beach ready their Lowtalker EP with first track, "Where I Come From".

Just quickly for anyone new to Menace Beach and I'm sure many are; they consist of twin vocalists Ryan Needham and Liza Webster, then comes an every changing cast of local legends including, MJ (Hookworms) Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin) Robert Lee (Pulled Apart By Horses) and sometimes Paul Draper (Ex-Mansun).

"Where I Come From" is typical of Menace Beach, only it sounds far more reserved than previous work, giving the impression that the band are building their way slowly, into a sound that fits their skin. The track is a fuzzy little number and nowhere near as negative and brash as what we've previously heard from the band; if this is a sign of things to come, we're excited to hear more.

Lowtalker is released on January 13 through Memphis Industries.