New Music: POND - Xanman

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It's mental how, underneath the spotlight, certain bands continue to churn away releasing more LPs than most mainstream acts would dream of. Pond are one of those bands, and upon their fifth LP release, Hobo Rocket, they seem to be picking up a bit of speed and not least because of their line-up switches with Tame Impala.

"Xanman" follows on from "Giant Tortoise", a track which made its way into our Certified New Mixtape for May. Pond, until now, have come across as Tame Impala's neglected younger brother, but with new tracks like "Xanman", the band show off a 'couldn't give a fuck' attitude and express a heightened ability to take their psychedelic roots and contort them into whatever shape the choose. "Xanman" and Pond in particular, are heading the right way to filling a void left by Led Zeppelin for a current crop of rock fans too young to remember. I suppose that includes me.

Hobo Rocket is set for release on August 5 & 6 in the EU and the US respectively. Grab a pre-order of the vinyl at Modular.