Introducing: Diane Halls - Stolen Kisses

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Like all the best introductions do, Diane Halls' came rather unexpectedly yesterday. We still don't know much about him except for the fact that he's from the ever burgeoning Japanese (Aichi, to be precise) scene. Oh, and he's a massive Diane Keaton fan too.

"My english is very bad" he tells us, "please forgive me". But there's really no need, as his lone track "Stolen Kisses" can't help but sweep you in entirely. With its layered, driving exuberance (which, incidentally, drowns out any chance of making clear sense of the vocals) and self assured swagger, I'm no guitar player either, but some of those strokes sound strikingly similar to Splashh's 2012 blog hit, "Lemonade". Regardless though, if "Stolen Kisses" doesn't bring a smile to your frozen British face, then quite frankly what will? Download it below.