Interview/Premiere: GLOSS - Ian's Dream

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Since we first heard Gloss' "Front Porch", let's just say we've been waiting, fairly impatiently, for the next helping of "dreamy-ass jangle pop". It's now here in the form of "Ian's Dream", which will accompany the bands debut single, "Front Porch" on its physical release.

Having said that, I'm sure a lot of people are wondering who the hell Gloss are. So for starters, the five piece typically came about from a stint of basement noise making. Isn't that how it always starts?

Jordan, said: "We've got a fair amount of shared influences, but each member's got a certain corner of stuff that influences their playing which, in turn, informs the sort of collaborative writing process we engage in."

"I recorded and produced "Front Porch", "Ian's Dream" and a couple of other demos early on and the response was pretty overwhelming considering the fact we're all fairly detached people, holed up in the relatively secluded upper-Midwest."

"When things started off it was definitely a case of "let's make a song that sounds like this band" just to see if we could do it." Jordan Bleau, 2012

We have fairly high expectations for Gloss this year. "Front Porch" immediately found its way into our Certified New Mixtape for October and then managed to squeeze into our Best Tracks of 2012 list and the company it keeps in that list is a testament to the quality, we feel, the band possess. With a lot of hard work and man hours, 2013 could be a stepping stone year for bigger and better things.

Jordan, said: "We've finished writing several more songs that will turn into an EP, which we are recording at the end of February, and we've just sent our single ("Front Porch" b/w "Ian's Dream") off to pressing via Manic Pop! Records.

"We're opening for The Deer Tracks at the end of this month and Dan Croll in March, and we're looking to tour when the EP is out in Spring/Summer. Things are picking up and we're excited to share the new material."

"Ian's Dream" - in comparison to "Front Porch" - is quite literally as the title says, it's dreamy, less focussed younger brother. Keeping things fresh and different is something the band are looking to persist with. "We've definitely taken things in a different direction." says Jordan.

"Front porch was the first song we played together, and Jeff wrote it when he was 17. When things started off it was definitely a case of "let's make a song that sounds like this band" just to see if we could do it.

"In the bands first six months, we had all of those influences blended together and our sound has now taken on a life of its own.

"As far as the dream pop tag goes, people can call it whatever they want. It's always difficult to describe music you make or love listening to, with just a few words, or even with a bunch of words. Especially when you're on the spot!"

Over the course of the year, Gloss will put out this debut 7", an as-yet untitled EP, work on a full-length, play shows, play dice, eat pizza, go on tour and hang out on the Internet. But above all, try to perfect their sound.

You can buy the digital single from here and buy the 7" from here, as of tomorrow.