New Music: Bos Angeles - Tearing Your Heart Out, One String At A Time

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It's kind of sad when you look at Bos Angeles' demise. The brilliant "Beach Slalom" was (and we don't use the term loosely) a most memorable debut. However, there is still one little twist before it's put to bed entirely, with Taking Out The Trash - which is compiled of demos and previously unreleased material - seeing a release next month.

The 21 track album - which is listed in chronological order - shows just were the band were progressing to, with the finely tuned "Tearing Your Heart Out, One String At A Time" being one of the more recent compositions.

1. Beach Slalom
2. Days Of Youth
3. June
4. Makin Waves
5. It Felt Like A Kiss 
6. Endless Summer
7. Wild Things I Did Before
8. If Our Parents Were Gone
9. Terror Tides
10. Shivers
11. Shallom Goy
12. I Hate It When You Look At Me
13. Paradise
14. Stone Washed
15. Bare Bones
16. All I Do Is Dream
17. Friendzoned
18. Tearing Your Heart Out, One String At A Time
19. Pretend With You
20. Mad About The Girl
21. You’re The One That I Want

Steam the track below and head here to order the cassette, out via Tye Die Tapes on November 25th.