New Music: Gorgeous Bully - Never Cry

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Starting to develop a real fondness for all things made on the South coast. Further ticking all independent boxes is Plymouth's Gorgeous Bully (aka Thomas Crang) and his new mp3 "Never Cry".

The track emerged online earlier in the week (sorry, our inbox is almost at capacity these days) with some rather interesting design work (a fu*cking cigarette packet no less!). The forthcoming five track EP - 'The Young Obese' - can be streamed then ordered over here, releasing February 20th on good ol' cassette format.

As a taster, "Never Cry" should do more than enough to entice you, landing on the exact spot where infectious, rugged grunge meets prickly, full spirited bedroom-pop. Not quite sure where you'll find that on an atlas, but hey. Watch the video below then download it here courtesy of the good folk at Art Is Hard.