New Video: Kool Thing - Light Games

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Possibly the worst named band on the planet right now, oh no that's U2. Second worst named band on the planet right now, Kool Thing have just dropped a new video for "Light Games".

The band consists of Julie Chance and Jon Dark, they're currently based in Berlin but hail from Dublin and Sydney respectively and they released their debut, Light Games EP, just last week 

Now onto matters of the future and the duo are working on their debut full length with the help of Kaiku studios, think Handsome Furs and K-X-P. The album is set to feature a variety of elements including grunge and new wave. Kool Thing's output is a dark and gloomy one, there's no surprise the band have toured with the likes of Austra and Light Asylum, both bands would pair up extremely well.

Watch the video for "Light Games" below and grab a free copy of the song from their bandcamp page.