Certified New: December 11 / January 12 mixtape

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We're back! December and January can be really quiet months for new music so we opted to focus on a full year's CN in December and leave that months music to combine with January's. Sorry if you've been waiting on this CN mix but we wanted to make sure we started the year with a bang and we think we have.

Notable December entries are We Are Pirates and The Weeknd. We told you it was quiet. Bands to keep an eye on are Swim Deep, Mac DeMarco and We Are Pirates especially, we're expecting more in the coming months. 

Check out the full tracklisting with links to our posts during the month and stream/download our mixtape till your heart's content.


  1. What the devil is that intro song called? it's like MacGyver on speed or something.. :P

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsSzXq34ysg