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New Single: Porcelain Raft - Unless You Speak From Your Heart

Tuesday, January 10, 2012Phill Walker

Porcelain Raft has dropped "Unless You Speak From Your Heart", another single from his upcoming debut LP,  Strange Weekend.

Expect the Strange Weekend album stream real soon as earlier a few fellow bloggers were alerted to it,  only for it to be removed fairly sharpish, soon after.

"Unless You Speak....." is again another brilliant piece of dream pop, it's reverb laden and typically emotive, you remember the CN'ed "Put Me To Sleep"?

Have one eye on the album stream but for now listen to the new single below. You will be able to purchase a copy of Strange Weekend as of January 24 via Secretly Canadian.

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  1. I have such a hardcore crush on Mauro Remiddi. What a gorgeous new track.